The NYC Revit Users Group is just an outstanding resource… James does a superb job of lining up great speakers, and December was no exception. Hot off the heals of Autodesk University, and building on what may have been one of the best classes in recent memory, you will not want to miss this. Even… Read More

Been looking for some way to learn more about conceptual modeling in Revit / Vasari? You can join the Vasari development team for some live sessions on specific topics. Join Vasari Talk every Wednesday, bring your own coffee. The announcement is here. Back already? Good. I must admit after reading that announcement, I’m feeling a little verklempt. Talk… Read More

A whole lotta love for 3D and conceptual design is coming out of Autodesk Labs and Autodesk Research this week. Here’s two pieces of news that will get designers to stand up and take notice. One: Autodesk Labs has updated Vasari to be compatible with Revit 2012, and added a few new goodies. For a… Read More