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  • cool site. had a hard time finding contact area. have read much in past few days on html/css vs flash. since I already have very good SEO and the blog. It becomes much less of an issue for the website itself which may end up being a hybrid. It will be more “what do I want to do” and then “how do I achieve it”

  • Hi,

    I thought that you and your readers might be interested in my new blog – My goal is to help Revit users learn more about the power of the Revit API and how to use it. I will be answering reader questions and posting source code showing how to write Revit API code to solve real-world problems.


  • Hi Sean,

    I tried to download the AMAZING football revit family you made, but it is no longer available in dropbox. Could you send it to me???


  • Sean,

    I need advice on how to speed up a Revit model I am building. I thought you might have some good suggestions based on your experience.

    I am trying to place 20,000 very simple seats in a stadium bowl. Each seat is a family. How should I organize the hierarchy groups and nested families to keep the model as smooth and light as possible?

  • I would temper my response by first saying, even with very simple geometry, 20,000 of anything will have a performance impact. The best advice I could give is to avoid using groups, especially if the design may go through several iterations. Nest the seat into another family representing the largest module you can manage to use repeatedly. Use parametric arrays very judiciously, as these can add constraint complexity to the final model (performance can often be impacted by an exponential factor with an overabundance of constraints and parametric relationships much more than file size alone).

    If you take a look at the shape of the bowl, you may find you can reduce it to sections representing straight or radii segments. Load those into the final bowl assembly, and in the project environment you will be dealing with 10-20 items instead of each individual seat. Changes to reload a family into the project propagate much, much faster than editing groups.

  • Hi Sean,

    I apologize for badgering you today but I am at my wits end. I am attempting to copy your Life Safety Egress Path family and I’d like to add some more points to the line. Basically I want the user to be able to place the component select the end point and then modify the points in between. I modified your family so that the points in between are shape handle points and not placement points, so placing is how I’d like it, but I am lost when I try to add more “elbows”. I am trying to create one with 10 points and another with 15. Can you please help? Thanks

  • Hi Sean, this is Roohi Saeed from Autodesk’s Public Relations team. We’ve got a fun TV opportunity – a news program is interested in featuring you and your use of FormIt to create the Bento Box shipping container. Can you email me to explore this? The reporter would like a response tmrw. Tx!

  • Hi Sean,
    Looking to connect to discuss the activities of CanBIM (Canada’s BIM Council) our events, advocacy and certification which would fit perfectly with your site.

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